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Monarch Preschool offers a unique experience for your child. Our philosophy is based on the respect of children as competent and capable individuals. At Monarch, teachers and children work together through the daily challenges one might encounter during the school day such as negotiating space, time, or materials, communicating their feelings to a peer, entering play with a group of children, or engaging in a new experience. Teachers carefully observe each child to better understand their skills and help to support strength and confidence within each child. 


Teachers observe and listen carefully to what the children express during their day to create a child-centered curriculum. Teachers plan activities and set up environments that will interest and engage the children in an authentic manner.  When children are immersed in their interests, they are able to become deeply engaged and invested in their play, allowing them to build skills, confidence, and new understandings about social dynamics. 

Outdoor Environment

Monarch also focuses heavily on the natural environment as the third teacher. The natural landscape of the yard is utilized to give children a unique experience and connection with nature. At Monarch, children might engage in gardening, tree climbing, fruit/vegetable harvesting, among other things. Children are encouraged to get messy, take risks, and find adventure hidden within the natural world around them.