With escrip you can earn money for Monarch Preschool when you do your regular shopping. There are three different ways you can earn money for our school through escrip:

  • shopping through their online mall (hundreds of major retailers are part of this program including target, home depot, banana republic, athleta....)
  • dining at restaurants in the area if you register your credit card with escrip
  • using their benefit app to pay with digital gift cards when you're shopping (up to 20% of your purchases will benefit Monarch preschool!!)


To create an account with escrip go to their website HERE.

  • Enter your personal information to create an account
  • Choose N Huntington Beach Com Nursery School as your school (do not write out the whole name or you will not find it)
  • Enter your most frequently used credit cards so that when you shop or dine at restaurants in the community your purchases will benefit our preschool
  • If you install FORGET ME NOT on your computer you don't have to go to escrip website when you are shopping online (otherwise you have to log into their site first to earn for our school)
  • Please put the benefit app on your phone and use digital gift cards at stores/restaurants you go to frequently and we will get up to 20%! (for example 6% at CPK, 5% at Starbucks, 7% at Panera....)